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About Us

Introducing The Moon and The Sun

Well hello there! We are Leila and Astrea and we are so excited for you to be a part of our collective. In 2017, while studying for our Master's degree in Conflict Resolution & Mediation, we met and instantly became friends. While our paths moved us to different parts of the world, we remained close and leaned on each other for support during  tough times and  wisdom during joyous moments. We both know what it means to feel stuck, unwell, and unmotivated, whether because of toxic work environments, challenging personal relationships, or manifestations of past traumas. We both know what it means to take accountability for our wellness and be vulnerable with ourselves and our communities. From exploring herbalism to meditation, and everything in between, we created MoonSun Collective to act as a hub of knowledge and resources to support others as they heal and reset, on their own terms. 

We recognize that everyone walks a different path and that what works for one person may not resonate for another. We understand that healing can be draining and we celebrate where you are at in your own journey. We respect each individual's cultural background and the unique communities they are connected to, and invite you to share this part of yourselves with us. 

Thank you for being a part of MoonSun Collective. Let's get started!

Hey, I'm Leila
Hey, I'm Astrea
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